Jim Williams is through to the final of the 2020 BDO World Championship and will face Wayne Warren tomorrow in an all Welsh affair.

This came after Williams saw off Mario Vandenbogaerde as the Belgian’s run came to an end showing everyone this tournament why he was backed as a potential outsider for the title but it was ‘The Quiff’ who edged past him 6-4 with eight 180’s and three ton plus checkouts including a 125.

‘Super Mario’ didn’t perform too badly himself hitting 10 180’s and a 140 checkout en route but Williams did the right things at the right moments and will now look to add his name to the illustrious title.

Vandenbogaerde found his range early and eased through the opening leg with Williams well back as he held his throw.

He left himself on 90 to break throw but was not given the opportunity as Williams held his throw with a 52 checkout.

The Belgian missed a 122 checkout on double 20 as he continue to play well and with Williams leaving himself only on 107 from 149, he hit double 10 to make it 2-1.

Williams missed a 78 checkout but Vandenbogaerde couldn’t take advantage and as a result it continued to go on throw. 104 evaded ‘Super Mario’ on his throw and ‘The Quiff’ finished double six to claim the first set and an early advantage.

A hold of throw on double 16 saw Williams continue his early momentum, he was given two chances though in the next leg to break throw and he took it pinning double 20 to go one away from a two set lead.

Vandenbogaerde though hit a 56 checkout to break back and make it 1-2, this was left in vein with Williams claiming the second set with the former left on 170.

The Belgian smashed in a 140 checkout to claim the next set going into the break to keep himself very much in the contest.

Vandenbogaerde had 81 to break throw but he couldn’t take his chances and Williams held with a brilliant 125 checkout. It went to 2-2 and Williams couldn’t hit 40 so Vandenbogaerde hit a 51 checkout to make it 2-2 in sets.

Williams clean sweeped the next set with an 84 checkout. Vandenbogaerde took another set though as the back and forth nature of the tie continued.

Despite that though, the Welshman started to build his lead again and went into a 5-3 lead with it now looking bleak for the Belgian.

Another comeback was to come though as ‘Super Mario’ went to within one of Williams meaning the onus was now on the latter to serve it out. He did to reach a first final after his anguish of losing out 12 months ago to close friend Glen Durrant.

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BDO World Darts Championship 2020 schedule

Saturday, January 11

Afternoon session (from 14:30)

Wayne Warren (93.81) 3-6 (93.32) Scott Mitchell (Men’s Semi-Final)

Leighton Bennett (84.24) 0-3 (90.54) Keane Barry (Junior Final)

Evening session (from 7 p.m.)

Jim Williams (86.49) 4-6 (90.98) Mario Vandenbogaerde (Men’s Semi-Final)

Lisa Ashton vs Mikuru Suzuki (Women’s Final)’

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Author: Samuel Gill