Peter Wright has produced one of the best performances on the Players Championship series this year by a long way smashing in a 123.5 average in whitewashing Krzysztof Ratajski.

Wright kept it up all game averaging 136 for two legs in the match and starting off on 107.4. He ended on 123.5 but kept the mind blowing darts going all game.

Ratajski himself didn’t play too bad with him hitting a 102.0 average in the end including legs himself where he averaged between 108.3-124.0 but even then he couldn’t register a single leg in the contest.

It does not eclipse the record set in 2015 which saw Kyle Anderson defeat Terry Jenkins 6-1 with a 134.84 average but still is a brilliant standard and he will now be the man to beat going into the semi-finals.

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Author: Samuel Gill