Fallon Sherrock was so close to making history again and was 6-4 up against Glen Durrant as she looked to become the first ever Contender/Challenger to win a match in the Premier League.

Despite that though, Durrant recovered to claim a draw against Sherrock who produced a remarkable display in front of a crowd full of adulation for the Milton Keynes ace.

Sherrock got started well levelling the tie at 1-1 with a 14-darter with both players trying to find their best darts in the early going.

Durrant went 2-1 ahead but Sherrock followed it up by making it parity hitting a 168 setup followed by double eight to square it up at 2-2.

The former was staying ahead though and he went 3-2 up with it still very much on throw for the time being. Durrant missed three darts for the break leaving Sherrock the chance to hold on 72 and she was given another chance to hold and she did so.

Sherrock was showing signs of the Evetts game hanging onto the coat tails of Durrant and she was first onto a finish smashing in a ridiculous 92 checkout with Bull, 6, Double 18.

Durrant though couldn’t break straight back despite having multiple opportunities to do so and Sherrock held to go one away from guaranteeing she won’t be beaten.

The Teesside ace finally stopped the rot but was under remarkable pressure to do so pinning double 16 but couldn’t hit it again with Fallon breathing down his neck.

This proved pivotal for her as she smashed in a 46 checkout to make sure she wouldn’t be beaten. Durrant hit a 15 darter to hold throw and it was all down to this.

Durrant produced some clutch darts despite that though to claim the draw and save his skin against Sherrock who could have become a history maker again.

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PDC Premier League Darts 2020 schedule

Night Two, Nottingham

Rob Cross (94.41) 7-5 (95.48) Nathan Aspinall

Gerwyn Price (98.11) 6-6 (101.71) Michael Smith

Gary Anderson (95.58) 6-6 (88.72) Peter Wright

Glen Durrant (92.21) 6-6 (87.36) Fallon Sherrock [contender]

21:50 Michael van Gerwen vs Daryl Gurney

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Author: Samuel Gill