Phil Taylor spoke in a recent interview about Peter Wright taking over in the future as the World Number One and Michael Van Gerwen wasn’t best pleased.

Van Gerwen spoke in a recent interview; he said that from his perspective, the comments were expected and he replied to them.

“Taylor has always made statements like that about me, but I have always been very correct with him.

You know what it is, I am the only one who has made it difficult for him over a long period of time; he was never used to getting such competition and he was never able to digest it well. He has always seen me as a major threat,” said Van Gerwen in a recent interview with Bureau Sport .

“I think he does this to stay in the spotlight,” Van Gerwen continued. “I’m breaking more and more of his records and before you know it, people will have forgotten about you; which is probably quite difficult for him.”

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Author: Samuel Gill