Van Gerwen pranks Van Barneveld: 'You are such a bastard'

Michael van Gerwen recently pranked Raymond van Barneveld with Shout Out. On this platform, people can ask Dutch celebrities to record a video message for a fee.

Van Gerwen learned that Van Barneveld had registered for this. Barney could be booked for a personal message for an amount of 75 euros, the world number one told Dutch sport channel Bureau Sport.

Mighty Mike, always up for a joke, was happy to pay for a special message from his old rival. But then the five-time world champion had to say an interesting message.

While Van Gerwen couldn't stop laughing anymore, the Dutchman said that he had filled in that Van Barneveld had to say that Michael van Gerwen is the best darts player and that Barney retired because of him.

''I was together with Vincent van der Voort - were rolling on the floor from laughing. After that I got a message from Jaco (Van Barneveld's agent).'' Without looking, he had already forwarded the request to Raymond. "You are such a bastard," Van Bodegom sent to the three-time world champion who burst out laughing.

However, fair play to Raymond. He actually recorded the message in Dutch, as can be seen in the video below.

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