Taylor insists there is no prospect of a return: 'I'm glad I've retired'

Phil Taylor is not going to make a comeback to the PDC circuit unlike his former rival, Raymond van Barneveld and it was a point he reiterated during a recent appearance on the Darts Show podcast.

According to the 16-time World Champion, he no longer has the energy to compete on the circuit.

"Now if you drop your guard at all with these players, you're going to get beaten," admitted Taylor in The Darts Show podcast.

"You've got to have the stamina because the schedule is so busy, plus you've got to play in tournaments and be away from home all the time, that's the hardest part.

"My heart goes out to them. I'm glad I've retired now because no way could I have done this schedule. Not a chance. Not at my age."

Despite Taylor admitting he wouldn't return, his competitive spirit is still there with the legendary Stoke ace saying with a bit of time, he could trouble the current crop of players.

"Would I win it now? No! I've not practised enough. I'd give them a fright though," he quipped.

"Mind you I've got a month, I'd have a chance. I wouldn't do too badly I don't think.

"It depends on what draw really. Those young players now - they haven't really played me very often, so they'd either be frightened of me or they'd play out of their skin.

"You have what you call the Manchester United or Liverpool reputation - even Port Vale play well against Manchester United.

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