Draw and schedule confirmed for 2022 Czech Darts Open

The draw and schedule has been confirmed for the 2022 Czech Darts Open which will take place between 13-15 May, 2022 in Prague.

It sees the first airing of the tournament since 2019 when Jamie Hughes sealed it albeit he has not qualified to defend his title this time around.

Peter Wright has withdrawn from the tournament so Michael van Gerwen and Gerwyn Price will lead the field against either Jon Worsley or a Host Nation Qualifier.

While Price could face Adrian Lewis or Ted Evetts. Off the back of two ProTour titles this week, Michael Smith will face either Scott Waites or Rowby-John Rodriguez.

While there could be a repeat of the Munich final between Luke Humphries and Martin Lukeman with both slated to potentially face off in the second round.

Karel Sedlacek and Adam Gawlas will receive a heroes welcome in Prague and will face Gabriel Clemens and Dennie Olde Kalter respectively.

2022 Czech Darts Open

Tournament Draw Bracket - Second Round Onwards

(6) Michael Smith v Scott Waites/Rowby-John Rodriguez

(11) Dirk van Duijvenbode v Gabriel Clemens/Karel Sedlacek

(3) Jose de Sousa v Martijn Kleermaker/Sebastian Bialecki

(14) Jonny Clayton v Jose Justicia/HNQ2

(7) Dimitri Van den Bergh v John Henderson/Nathan Aspinall

(10) Luke Humphries v Martijn Dragt/Martin Lukeman

(2) Michael van Gerwen v Jon Worsley/HNQ3

(15) Brendan Dolan v Mickey Mansell/Jeffrey De Zwaan

(5) Rob Cross v Jules van Dongen/Brett Claydon

(12) Krzysztof Ratajski v Ricky Evans/Josh Rock

(4) Joe Cullen v Florian Hempel/Ross Smith

(13) Daryl Gurney v Dave Chisnall/HNQ4

(8) Damon Heta v Dennie Olde Kalter/Adam Gawlas

(9) Ryan Searle v Ritchie Edhouse/HNQ1

(1) Gerwyn Price v Ted Evetts/Adrian Lewis

(16) Martin Schindler v Vincent van der Voort/Geert Nentjes

Schedule of Play

Friday May 13

First Round

Afternoon Session (1300 local time, 1200 BST)

Martijn Dragt v Martin Lukeman

Scott Waites v Rowby-John Rodriguez

Jose Justicia v Host Nation Qualifier 2

Mickey Mansell v Jeffrey De Zwaan

Jules van Dongen v Brett Claydon

Ritchie Edhouse v Host Nation Qualifier 1

Ricky Evans v Josh Rock

Jon Worsley v Host Nation Qualifier 3

Evening Session (1900 local time, 1800 BST)

Florian Hempel v Ross Smith

Martijn Kleermaker v Sebastian Bialecki

Dave Chisnall v Host Nation Qualifier 4

John Henderson v Nathan Aspinall

Dennie Olde Kalter v Adam Gawlas

Ted Evetts v Adrian Lewis

Gabriel Clemens v Karel Sedlacek

Vincent van der Voort v Geert Nentjes

Saturday May 14

Second Round

Afternoon Session (1300 local time, 1200 BST)

Krzysztof Ratajski v Evans/Rock

Brendan Dolan v Mansell/De Zwaan

Luke Humphries v Dragt/Lukeman

Rob Cross v Van Dongen/Claydon

Dimitri Van den Bergh v Henderson/Aspinall

Jose de Sousa v Kleermaker/Bialecki

Daryl Gurney v Chisnall/HNQ4

Michael Smith v Waites/Rodriguez

Evening Session (1900 local time, 1800 BST)

Damon Heta v Olde Kalter/Gawlas

Martin Schindler v Van der Voort/Nentjes

Dirk van Duijvenbode v Clemens/Sedlacek

Jonny Clayton v Justicia/HNQ2

Michael van Gerwen v Worsley/HNQ3

Gerwyn Price v Evetts/Lewis

Joe Cullen v Hempel/R Smith

Ryan Searle v Edhouse/HNQ1

Sunday May 15

Afternoon Session (1300 local time, 1200 BST)

Third Round

Evening Session (1900 local time, 1800 BST)




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