BDO Chairman Des Jacklin denies any "wrongdoing" regarding reduced prize fund at BDO World Championship

BDO Chairman Des Jacklin has released a statement denying any wrongdoing regarding the reduced prize fund for the 2020 BDO World Championship.

Men's World Champion, Wayne Warren received just £23,000 which was the lowest payout for a winner for more than 30 years; he has recently come out saying that Jacklin should be taken to court and that he won't be handing the trophy back.

Jacklin himself blamed the prize fund on sports marketing company Sportotal; he responded also to Warren albeit not about the trophy. He also didn't discuss the impending liquidation on Thursday in this statement.

Jacklin wrote in his statement: "We all know that the 2020 World Championships paid out about £190,000 less than in previous years; this was due to Sportotal not coming through with a sponsor.

"The promise of a sponsor kept the BDO hanging for months. Had Sportotal done their job, there would have been no issues; in fact most people would now be saying what a great job the BDO board and I did.

"Wayne Warren WILL NOT be contacting the police or a solicitor about DES; nor will the management of Wayne Warren (no matter how much bleating they do all over social media); as we all know there has been no wrongdoing by DES, FACT!

"What I have learned from my time in the BDO; is that in most cases the decent people that just want to play darts step away from the posts on social media.

They know what is going on and they are simply waiting for their next game of darts; to be able to approach me and tell me how disgusted they are with what they have seen."

"Occasionally someone posts in defence of either myself; my wife or the BDO and they receive a torrent of abuse from the “haters”. My advice is to just remain quiet.

I receive many private messages of support; which is why I know the BDO BICC will win this current battle and will be in a great financial position in the coming years."

Jacklin - "We can be great once more"

He continued: "I guess the people that want to see the downfall of the BDO will continue to post lies (and edited videos) about me, my wife and the BDO on social media in order to try and attack the BDO from all angles"

"I will continue to fight for the BDO BICC for as long as you want me as your chairman.

I still believe with a few minor changes within the organisation and the removal of certain individuals that are “hell bent” on destroying a 47-year-old company; we can be great once more."

BDO Chairman Des Jacklin denies any "wrongdoing" regarding reduced prize fund at BDO World Championship
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