BDO Chairman Des Jacklin releases statement after caller resignations

BDO Chairman Des Jacklin has released a statement after all the current referees/callers from the organisation resigned yesterday including Richard Ashdown, Marco Meijer and Anthony Dundas.

Jacklin has moved quickly though to state the current situation; he said that they have been ‘overwhelmed with the number of applications from potential successors’ since the news came out.

He added that the applications have come from referees and MC's both well-known in the darting world; to being involved on the amateur circuit. There will be apparently an announcement next week about the new team.

‘[t]he numerous applications, from both amateur and professional referees and MC’s range from BICC callers; to experienced professionals well known across the darts world’.

‘These applications will be reviewed over the coming days; and the new-look MC and refereeing team will be announced towards the end of next week’.

He also moved to clarify the current state of the BDO to reassure players and supporters; he said that despite it being in turmoil for the last six years, they have now entered a period of clarity.

‘On the subject of recent reports of the BDO being in turmoil, it has been for the last six years, however, only now have we entered a period of clarity’.


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