Fitton discusses current state of BDO: 'It has been falling on its backside for a couple of years and has hit rock bottom'

Darryl Fitton recently took part in an interview with LiveDarts during the recent Phil Taylor and Michael Van Gerwen exhibition in Manchester and they spoke about the current state of the BDO.

Fitton said that while they have been going downhill for years; they have finally hit 'rock bottom'; as well as that with the news of Olly Croft, the founder of the BDO passing away; it seems like he has taken the organisation with him.

'Dazzler' added that for them to potentially succeed they should in reality have multiple separate entities; with running the tournaments and the counties separated.

“It [the BDO] has been falling on its backside for a couple of years and has hit rock bottom,” Fitton said in a recent interview with LiveDarts.

“It’s ironic how the founder of the BDO has just passed away and it looks like he’s taken his baby with him.

“You can’t blame the present chairman, but he’s not helped.

“I think they can still save it, but what the BDO needs to do is have two separate entities, the BDO enterprises needs to run the tournaments and the BDO as we know it should run the counties.

“They could maybe bring in a European council or something like that, get people in from Holland, Germany and Belgium who know what they’re doing and how to run events because the BDO is going backwards.”

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