Schedule Wednesday session MODUS Online Live League (Week 7) including Adams and Newton

The action in Week 7 of the MODUS Online Live League’s opening group will reach its conclusion on Wednesday morning.

Involved in the first group of the week are Martin Adams, Wes Newton, Niall Culleton, Nathan Rafferty, Sean Fisher and Reece Robinson.

The winner of this group will move straight to the final with Martin Adams currently leading the way on 14 points ahead of Culleton and Robinson who are on 12. The second and third placed players will go through to play on Thursday and Friday evening in a group with Shayne Burgess, Rob Collins and Paul Hogan.

Those who finish fourth, fifth and sixth will get a second chance in a group on Thursday and Friday morning with Joe Davis, Adrian Gray and Scott Marsh. The top two from each group will move through to Saturday's final.

Unlike the first edition of the Modus League in 2020, the game will not be played online via a webcam, but at a location in Southampton, England. The matches can be followed via the Online Darts YouTube channel .

MODUS Online Live League schedule (Week 7)

Wednesday April 28 (from 09:30 AM)

Martin Adams v Sean Fisher

Niall Culleton v Wes Newton

Reece Robinson v Nathan Rafferty

Sean Fisher v Niall Culleton

Nathan Rafferty v Martin Adams

Wes Newton v Reece Robinson

Sean Fisher v Nathan Rafferty

Niall Culleton v Reece Robinson

Martin Adams v Wes Newton

Nathan Rafferty v Niall Culleton

Wes Newton v Sean Fisher

Reece Robinson v Martin Adams

Wes Newton v Nathan Rafferty

Martin Adams v Niall Culleton

Sean Fisher v Reece Robinson

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