Adams leads Group A after second day of action in Online Darts League Week Two

Martin Adams is in the lead after the second day of action in the Online Darts League however this lead is only slender going into the final day of Group A.

Adams is now on 14 points with a +8 leg difference but is the same as James Richardson. However, 'Wolfie' has a higher tournament average so edges ahead.

Richie Burnett follows behind with twelve points, while Niall Culleton with ten points is not completely without a chance for the group win.

The numbers two and three of the ranking will play a new group against three new players on Thursday evening and Friday evening.

The same applies to the numbers four, five and six, who end up in a different group. They will be in action on Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon. Three players from the evening group go to the final group and two from the morning group, so that the final group consists of six players.

Unlike the first edition of the Modus League in 2020, the game will not be played online via a webcam connection, but at a location in Southampton, England. The matches can be followed via the Online Darts YouTube channel .

Schedule MODUS Online Live League (Phase 5, Week 2)

Tuesday September 28 (from 10:30 am)

Richie Burnett 4-3 Stu Wilson

Martin Adams 4-3 Gary Robson

Niall Culleton 1-4 James Richardson

Gary Robson 3-4 Richie Burnett

Stu Wilson 0-4 James Richardson

Martin Adams 3-4 Niall Culleton

James Richardson 4-3 Gary Robson

Richie Burnett 2-4 Martin Adams

Niall Culleton 4-1 Stu Wilson

Richie Burnett 4-3 James Richardson

Gary Robson 3-4 Niall Culleton

Martin Adams 4-0 Stu Wilson

Niall Culleton 2-4 Richie Burnett

James Richardson 3-4 Martin Adams

Stu Wilson 4-1 Gary Robson

Standings in Group A after 10 matches

1. Martin Adams 14 pts (+8)

2. James Richardson 14 pts (+8)

3. Richie Burnett 12 pts (+3)

4. Niall Culleton 10 pts (-2)

5. Stu Wilson 6 pts (-9)

6. Gary Robson 4 pts (-8)

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