Durrant looks back on move from BDO to PDC: "It was the final challenge, I was ridiculed as a BDO World Champion"

Glen Durrant was the latest player to take part in the PDC's Autocomplete Challenge asking questions set by Google and the general public.

One of those was about his love of Middlesbrough FC and how he took part in Football Manager before it was the success it is today.

"There was this crazy rumour that I'm an Man United fan. I used to do a thing called play-by-mail Football Manager. It was 1988-89 and three or four of us at work and my team was (Enzo) Scifo FC, so I was mad about him," he said.

"What we did was design our own. We created it was people like the Man United team which I got was the Roy Keane era, Mark Hughes and we give them marks so 96 shot, 92 pass all before it came out on computer. I was so into this."

"1987-1991 about four years. Home and away."

Move from BDO

One of the main topics that came up was his move from the BDO to the PDC which he looked back on.

"It was the final challenge. I was ridiculed as a BDO World Champion. Britain loves a good loser so when I was winning things in the BDO, the hate was incredible. You'd never make it in the PDC, you'd never beat Michael van Gerwen. I remember playing Adam Smith-Neale in front of 50 people in the World Masters final. I was like this is not what I want no more."

"I took that gamble because I could have done a Martin Adams thing so it was an absolute fairytale for 18 months until I won the Premier League."

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