Price in heated argument with Instagram troll: "I bet your child is so proud to call you their parent"

Gerwyn Price in his role as darts' pantomime villain receives abuse not only from the crowd but on social media and he named and shamed an online troll after being accused of 'throwing toys out of the pram' during a discussion about his boxing U-turn.

Price recently announced that he would be giving up on his dreams of boxing on doctors' advice and would turn his attention back to darts.

"Until you know the facts and get the right information maybe don't comment on things you don't know," the Welshman said, before the user replied: "It just seems you are quick to throw your toys out of the pram."

The former World Champion hit back branding the person in question a 'keyboard warrior' and saying "[I] bet your child is so proud to call you their parent."

In his next reply, the troll said he would be sending the screenshots to the PDC and the newspapers.

"I cannot believe what you have just said and you have the audacity to call me a keyboard warrior … I'll be sending the screenshots to the Professional Darts Corporation and also Sun Sport … you have personally abused me and brought my son into it, [on] what planet is that acceptable?"

Price though did it for him and posted it to his socials. "Feel free to send it to who you like," Price responded, "I'll be posting this on my story for everyone to see. Someone who's a grown adult making time to inbox me out the blue with negative messages. I mean why would this even cross your mind?"

"There's a lot of negativity out there towards professional sports people, I mean we all have ups and downs and tough days but why even put yourself out there to diss me or put me down? Your comment is totally wrong and out of order."

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