Van der Voort has doubts about Van Barneveld's comeback: "He certainly makes it at Q-School. But I have serious doubts about the team aspect"

Vincent van der Voort was a pundit during the Quarter-Finals of the World Grand Prix and he gave his opinion on the comeback plans of Raymond van Barneveld.

"For me it was not really a surprise when I heard that Raymond is going to make a comeback. After all, you have heard those rumours in circles for a while. For the Netherlands it is in any case great news, he remains a big name, which means that darts will receive a lot more attention ", says Van der Voort.

Nevertheless, Van der Voort also has his reservations. "He certainly makes it at Q-School, he is just too good for that. But I have serious doubts about that team aspect in which he will train with Jeffrey de Zwaan under the supervision of a manager. It would be the first team story that would succeed, always. Such things go wrong because, after all, you remain competitors of each other. Moreover, I found that interview from his manager also cringy, you don't talk about your players that way. "

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