Bennett reflects on social media and recent online abuse: "I've read a bit too much social media in the past year. It's kind of affected me"

Leighton Bennett lost his BDO World Youth Championship title this past week as the teenage sensation and another in Keane Barry went head to head on the Indigo stage.

Bennett spoke afterwards and admitted that the better player won and he knew which standard he had to reach but he didn't reach it so couldn't really test 'Dynamite'.

He also spoke about his debut on the stage against Scott Mitchell, playing on the Lakeside stage and also the recent online abuse he and Beau Greaves have both received as well as the effect social media has had on him growing up in the spotlight.

"Keane (Barry) played obviously very well and I knew I had to put in at least a 95+ average in because of obviously Keane's obviously always 90+ or above. Watching him on the Development Tour, he is always 90 and above. Thought obviously go up there and play my game and I'd have a chance but he just played awesome and I couldn't do much," said Bennett to LiveDarts.

"Scott just told me to go up there and enjoy myself, he just wanted me to play my best darts. He was really good for me to be fair."

"Obviously the Lakeside was amazing, with whats gone up there and who's played there but obviously here it's amazing as well being in the O2, I've never been to the O2 but it's a really nice venue."

"There has been a lot of pressure on me. I've enjoyed it this year but this year coming up, I think I'll have a better year because I have that off my back. There's no pressure on me, when I go to comps now, there will be nothing in my head."

"I've read a bit too much social media in the past year. It's kind of affected me, I've just got to go up there and play my darts. There's a lot of keyboard warriors out there and they are just there to put a downer on you."

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