Van Bijnen wins another title on JDC Foundation Tour and qualifies for JDC World Championship

Pim van Bijnen has won another tournament on the JDC Tour on Saturday. It is already his sixth title in ten tournaments.

The JDC organizes tournaments for darts players aged ten to seventeen and currently consists of two levels. A tour for players with a JDC Tour Card (Advanced Tour) and a tour for darts talents without a Tour Card (Foundation Tour).

Van Bijnen beat Evan Willoughby in the final of the JDC Foundation Tour 9, who later on the day won the tenth tournament of the season.

After ten tournaments Van Bijnen is already sure of the first place in the final ranking. This means the Dutch talent can play on the main circuit of the JDC next year and moreover he has received an invitation for the JDC World Championships in Gibraltar this year.

JDC Foundation Tour - Event 09


Evan Willoughby 3-2 Jake Rigney

Joshua Bean 3-0 Jayden Harper

Joshua James-Powell 3-2 Cayden Smith

Pim van Bijnen 3-1 Harry Eaerp


Evan Willoughby 4-3 Joshua Bean

Pim van Bijnen 4-0 Joshua James-Powell


Pim van Bijnen 5-1 Evan Willoughby

JDC Foundation Tour - Event 10


Charlie Voorhees 3-2 Jayden Harper

Hannah Meek 3-0 Joshua Bean

Evan Willoughby 3-1 Harry Earp

Pim van Bijnen 3-2 Zac Care


Hannah Meek 4-0 Charlie Voorhees

Evan Willoughby 4-0 Pim van Bijnen


Evan Willoughby 5-4 Hannah Meek

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