ADC Europe announces more details on European Qualifier Tour for MODUS Super Series

A few weeks ago, ADC Europe announced that the association will host the 2023 European Qualifier Tour in Ooltgensplaat, South Holland. There, seven tournaments will be played over four days, namely Sunday October 8, 2023 (EQT 1 & EQT 2), Sunday October 15, 2023 (EQT 3 & EQT 4), Sunday November 12, 2023 (EQT 5 & EQT 6) and Saturday December 16, 2023 (EQT 7).

ADC Europe will host these tournaments in MFC 't Centrum in Ooltgensplaat. For the scoring system and tournament system the Darts Atlas system will be used and one should also register via this site. Besides the dartboards no writing boards will be used, but tablets linked to Darts Atlas.

There are 32 places available at the European Qualifier Tour for entry into the MODUS Super Series, all with a total value of £40,000 in entry fees. Players can qualify for the MODUS Super Series a maximum of four times each year. This is therefore the shortest route to qualify for the MODUS Super Series, for players from continental Europe.

Right now we already see some familiar amateur names on the list of participants for the first weekend of the EQT. Among them are Chris Landman, Ron Meulenkamp, Jeroen Mioch, Philip van Gasse, John Desreumaux, Jeroen Caron and Jim Mayer. Participants also come from different countries, we see players from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal and Latvia, and entries are also expected from Germany and France.

These are tournaments with open registration for ages 18 and older, any adult amateur dart player can and may participate in these dart tournaments (with the exception of PDC Tour Card holders and players from the United Kingdom and Ireland).

The entry fee per tournament is 12 euros per person and one can register through the ADC Europe website: A maximum number of participants of 256 has been set for each EQT and one can register no later than two hours before the tournament, if the maximum number of participants has not yet been reached.

ADC Europe announces more details on European Qualifier Tour for MODUS Super Series
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