Fantasy Darts 2019 (at least 3,000 euro in prizes)

Again nobody could keep up with Michael van Gerwen in the Fantasy Darts 2018 from Zweeler. Partly thanks to the third world title, Mighty Mike finished at 726 points. Gary Anderson, the number 2, remained further back with a score of 401. Who will close the gap in 2019 with the best player in the world?

A large group of players are eligible for this. If you know how to find the right darters and incorporate them in your ideal 15, you can win the first prize of at least! to register and to go to the game when you are already registered at Zweeler. The Fantasy Darts 2019 starts on at with The Masters. You have a budget of 200 million euro to buy 15 darts players of which you think are going to win the most points in the Fantasy Darts 2019. The World Darts Championship, all major tournaments and the European Tour events count for this game. You can win points with your team based upon the achievements of your darts players in all tournaments which count for this game. You can score points per round in the knockout tournaments and via the final classification of the Premier League. The game will cost per team and will start with a guaranteed amount of prizes of . The first prize will be (61 GC prizes).

Fantasy Darts 2019 (at least 3,000 euro in prizes)
Photo: Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

Value darts players Fantasy 2019:

1 Gerwen, Michael van 60 mln.
2 Smith, Michael 33,7 mln.
3 Anderson, Gary 28,9 mln.
4 Wade, James 28,6 mln.
5 Wright, Peter 28,5 mln.
6 Price, Gerwyn 27,1 mln.
7 Cross, Rob 26,8 mln.
8 Gurney, Daryl 25,6 mln.
9 Suljovic, Mensur 23,2 mln.
10 Whitlock, Simon 19 mln.
11 Chisnall, Dave 16,9 mln.
12 Lewis, Adrian 15,7 mln.
13 Cullen, Joe 15,3 mln.
14 White, Ian 13,5 mln.
15 Clayton, Jonny 12,2 mln.
16 Barneveld, Raymond van 12,1 mln.
17 Hopp, Max 11,9 mln.
18 Webster, Darren 10,8 mln.
19 Noppert, Danny 10,7 mln.
20 Dobey, Chris 10,4 mln.
21 Bergh, Dimitri Van den 10 mln.
22 Zwaan, Jeffrey de 9,9 mln.
23 West, Steve 9,7 mln.
24 Bunting, Stephen 9,6 mln.
25 Huybrechts, Kim 9,5 mln.
26 Humphries, Luke 9,1 mln.
27 Cadby, Corey 8,9 mln.
28 Klaasen, Jelle 8,8 mln.
29 Aspinall, Nathan 8,7 mln.
30 Ratajski, Krzysztof 8,4 mln.
31 Anderson, Kyle 8,1 mln.
32 Lennon, Steve 7,5 mln.
33 Lewis, Jamie 7,2 mln.
34 Durrant, Glen 7,1 mln.
35 King, Mervyn 7 mln.
36 Wattimena, Jermaine 6,9 mln.
37 Norris, Alan 6,6 mln.
38 Henderson, John 6,5 mln.
39 Joyce, Ryan 6,4 mln.
40 North, Richard 6,3 mln.
41 Wilson, James 6,1 mln.
42 Reyes, Cristo 6 mln.
43 Pas, Benito van de 5,9 mln.
44 Beaton, Steve 5,8 mln.
45 Searle, Ryan 5,6 mln.
46 Evans, Ricky 5,5 mln.
47 Schindler, Martin 5,4 mln.
48 Brown, Keegan 5,3 mln.
49 Dolan, Brendan 5,1 mln.
50 Voort, Vincent van der 5 mln.
51 Clemens, Gabriel 4,7 mln.
52 Labanauskas, Darius 4,6 mln.
53 Petersen, Devon 4,5 mln.
54 Thornton, Robert 4,4 mln.
55 Dekker, Jan 4,3 mln.
56 Meulenkamp, Ron 4,1 mln.
57 Payne, Josh 4 mln.
58 O'Connor, William 3,9 mln.
59 Owen, Robert 3,7 mln.
60 McGeeney, Mark 3,6 mln.
61 Pipe, Justin 3,5 mln.
62 Alcinas, Toni 3,4 mln.
63 Kist, Christian 3,3 mln.
64 Webster, Mark 3,2 mln.
65 Pallett, Dave 3,1 mln.
66 Richardson, James 3,1 mln.
67 Evetts, Ted 3 mln.
68 Huybrechts, Ronny 3 mln.
69 Smith, Ross 2,9 mln.
70 Rodriguez, Rowby-John 2,8 mln.
71 Tabern, Alan 2,8 mln.
72 Nicholson, Paul 2,7 mln.
73 Zonneveld, Niels 2,7 mln.
74 Duivenbode, Mike van 2,6 mln.
75 Jenkins, Terry 2,6 mln.
76 Lerchbacher, Zoran 2,6 mln.
77 Edgar, Matthew 2,5 mln.
78 Mansell, Mickey 2,5 mln.
79 Meikle, Ryan 2,5 mln.
80 Razma, Madars 2,5 mln.
81 Barnard, Michael 2,4 mln.
82 Hunt, Adam 2,4 mln.
83 Bunse, Christian 2,3 mln.
84 Duijvenbode, Dirk van 2,3 mln.
85 Caven, Jamie 2,2 mln.
86 Jones, Wayne 2,2 mln.
87 Painter, Kevin 2,2 mln.
88 Rafferty, Nathan 2,2 mln.
89 Baker, Scott 2,1 mln.
90 Brooks, Bradley 2,1 mln.
91 Graaf, Jeffrey de 2,1 mln.
92 Part, John 2,1 mln.
93 Stevenson, Simon 2,1 mln.
94 Boulton, Andy 2 mln.
95 Burness, Kevin 2 mln.
96 Green, Robbie 2 mln.
97 Jacques, Peter 2 mln.
98 Marijanovic, Robert 2 mln.
99 Meeuwisse, Yordi 2 mln.
100 Burton, Stephen 1,9 mln.

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