Edgar pitches new 'Royal Rumble of Darts' concept

There are many PDC tournaments in a year with basically all of them played in a matchplay or sets format but for Matthew Edgar, he has pitched a new idea based off a popular Wrestling event 'Royal Rumble... of Darts'.

A PPV event for WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), it begins the calendar every January with two Royal Rumble matches with 30 entrants in each with one each for men and women. Starting with 1, they come into the ring and after a period of time, the next entrant comes in giving it intrigue of not knowing who will be next.

This idea has been pitched into darts by Edgar, himself a former Wrestler. Only with darts, he would have forty players with tour card holders, youth players, legends and other invited players.

They are then split into groups of four. Then in each group, the player will receive a number. The number one will play number two and while the loser is out; the winner remains and will play against number three.

This continues until the number 10 has also played a match. The winner of this last game will advance to the final day giving the number 10 a great advantage.

The spectators won't see who is in action until the player appears giving it the mystery and intrigue of the Royal Rumble itself. From there, the final day sees semi-finals and a final to crown a winner

Paul Nicholson himself also a fan of WWE believes it could be a masterstroke tweeting: "I genuinely think this is a magic idea. The possibility of not knowing who the next player is, that’s what excites me as a viewer."

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