Edhouse 'ecstatic' after reclaiming Tour Card through Challenge Tour: "I've got a big chance to get a good life for myself"

Two weeks ago saw Ritchie Edhouse claim his Tour Card through the PDC Challenge Tour and a return to the ProTour for 'Madhouse' despite not claiming a World Championship spot right at the last moments.

But for Edhouse, the opportunity to change his life around and to give the tour a proper go this time are enough.

"It sunk in pretty much after a day to be fair. Just thinking about obviously I was disappointed losing that's the second final to lose the World's but I'm actually ecstatic about the Tour Card. It's just obviously what I want to start with," said Edhouse to Online Darts.

"It's always nice to play in the World's but now I've go the Tour Card for two years and now I've got a big chance to get a good life for myself and start a proper dart career."

"It was my own fault for the first time I got my Tour Card. I wouldn't say I didn't take it serious but I took it a little bit more lightly than I should have. I started off slow and I had so much to do in the second year."

Also Edhouse will not have to go back to Q-School as a result which he is relieved about: "That's the hardest tournament I think you could ever play. It's just mentally draining, if you don't get in the first couple of days, them last two, you're knackered, your arm's gone and sometimes it's not the best players that get through, it's the ones that hold their nerve."

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