Heta leads PDC Home Tour III Group 15 after unbeaten start

Damon Heta currently leads PDC Home Tour III Group 15 after an unbeaten start to the day from the Aussie ace.

Heta has four wins from four so far with a 4-1 win over Martin Schindler, 4-3 over James Wilson, 4-0 against Carl Wilkinson and finally 4-1 versus William Borland.

It is Wilson who sits second with three wins from four ahead of Kim Huybrechts on leg difference.

This week sees the remaining four groups followed by the Championship Group on Friday as the PDC Home Tour action concludes before the World Championship starts next week.

PDC Home Tour III Group 15 - Monday December 7

Martin Schindler (94.20) 4-1 (92.63) Kai Fan Leung

Kim Huybrechts (88.67) 2-4 (82.19) James Wilson

Carl Wilkinson (88.41) 4-0 (80.95) William Borland

Damon Heta (99.72) 4-1 (88.33) Martin Schindler

Kai Fan Leung (79.15) 3-4 (89.14) Carl Wilkinson

William Borland (63.04) 0-4 (74.22) Kim Huybrechts

James Wilson (92.92) 3-4 (97.44) Damon Heta

Carl Wilkinson (90.35) 3-4 (100.60) Martin Schindler

Kim Huybrechts (88.51) 4-3 (93.11) Kai Fan Leung

James Wilson (87.90) 4-2 (82.70) William Borland

Damon Heta (113.43) 4-0 (96.71) Carl Wilkinson

Martin Schindler (93.14) 3-4 (92.01) Kim Huybrechts

Kai Fan Leung (90.16) 1-4 (96.97) James Wilson

William Borland (94.21) 1-4 (105.17) Damon Heta

Kim Huybrechts v Carl Wilkinson

James Wilson v Martin Schindler

William Borland v Kai Fan Leung

Damon Heta v Kim Huybrechts

Carl Wilkinson v James Wilson

Martin Schindler v William Borland

Kai Fan Leung v Damon Heta


Heta leads PDC Home Tour III Group 15 after unbeaten start
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