Warren on overcoming severe burns to make Lakeside World Championship debut in 2005: "Just qualifying for it was like winning it"

Wayne Warren claimed the BDO World Championship title in its last iteration at the start of the year but as he revealed recently even to make his debut at Lakeside, he had to overcome severe burns.

Warren discussed the incident in 2001 but a few years later, he made his debut which he admitted was like 'winning' the tournament.

"I spent two weeks in intensive care. I really thought it was over. When they came along and they showed me my actual burns, I just broke down, you always think of the worst but to be honest I spoke to the doctor and I asked him and he said it's going to take time and it did take time. I couldn't play darts for a long time," said Warren to the Golden Arrows series on the Inside the WDF podcast.

"It was a feud between the family. We'd only just buried my dad in November, this was December. This was a day before Christmas Eve and he was smashing the place up and I went down. The deep fat fryer had cooled down but he just picked it up and threw it over me."

"I didn't think nothing of it, I thought it was water but then I started burning. I remember the ambulance turning up and that was the last thing I can remember for about five days."

"Just qualifying for it was like winning it. For me to do that after what I'd been through."

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