Montgomery on exiting Lakeside at first round stage for eighth time: "When I got on that stage... I was absolute poo"

Ross Montgomery exited Lakeside at the first round stage for the eighth time in his career and afterwards he lauded his performance as 'absolute poo'.

Montgomery spoke to the Daily Record and said that there was no excuses as in his opinion he was well beaten at Frimley Green. “It was a bad performance, pure and simple" said Montgomery. “My preparation went well, I didn’t over-practice, I took things steady in the build-up, but when I got on that stage...I was absolute poo, for want of a better word. “There’s no excuses. At the end of the day, I was well beaten. “The crowd didn’t bother me or anything, everything seemed okay. “Scott was bothered by the heat, but I’d been practicing at home with the heating up full blast and I was fine with that. “In the practice room you wouldn’t believe what’s getting thrown in there, but there’s no pressure on you. It’s totally different once you get out. “I’ve said before it’s all on the day. Guys turn up and play well, others don’t. I wasn’t good enough and I wished Scott all the best.” He added: “That’s 12 appearances and eight first round exits. It’s not great, but I’ll be back. “You don’t get to Lakeside without working hard. I earned my place there and I’ll be doing all I can to get back. “I’ve been beaten in round one and gone on to win tournaments, make semi-finals and hopefully I can do that this year.”

Montgomery on exiting Lakeside at first round stage for eighth time:
Photo: Evert Zomer

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