Adams first through to final group in fourth week MODUS League |

Adams first through to final group in fourth week MODUS League

Martin Adams is the first through to the final group in the fourth week of the MODUS Online Live League.

On Tuesday he remained unbeaten in his five matches, which he just did not succeed on Wednesday. Adams did manage to secure four wins with victories over Keelan Kay (4-1), Matthew Dennant (4-2), Jamie Lewis (4-0) and Bradley Kirk (4-0). His defeat to Shaun McDonald did not jeopardize the lead.

McDonald (twenty points) and Dennant (sixteen points) ended up behind in second and third place respectively. They will play a new group on Thursday and Friday evenings with Darren Beveridge, Jamie Clark and Greg Ritchie. The numbers one and two of this group also go through to the final.

The same goes for numbers one and two from the new Group C. This group consists of Jamie Lewis, Keelan Kay, Bradley Kirk and entrants Kevin Burness, Stephen Burton and Dave Parletti. They play their games on Thursday and Friday mornings.

Unlike the first edition of the MODUS Online Live League in 2020, the game will not be played online via a webcam, but at a location in Southampton, England. The matches can be followed via the Online Darts YouTube channel.

Schedule MODUS Online Live League (Week 4)

Wednesday April 7

Bradley Kirk 0-4 Shaun McDonald

Jamie Lewis 3-4 Matthew Dennant

Martin Adams 4-1 Keelan Kay

Shaun McDonald 4-2 Jamie Lewis

Keelan Kay 3-4 Bradley Kirk

Matthew Dennant 2-4 Martin Adams

Shaun McDonald 0-4 Keelan Kay

Jamie Lewis 0-4 Martin Adams

Bradley Kirk 0-4 Matthew Dennant

Keelan Kay 4-1 Jamie Lewis

Matthew Dennant 3-4 Shaun McDonald

Martin Adams 4-0 Bradley Kirk

Matthew Dennant 4-2 Keelan Kay

Bradley Kirk 4-0 Jamie Lewis

Shaun McDonald 4-2 Martin Adams

Final standings Group A

#NamePlayedWinsLossesLeg +/-Points
1Martin Adams15114+1922
2Shaun McDonald15105+1120
3Matthew Dennant1587+316
4Jamie Lewis1569-412
5Keelan Kay1569-412
6Bradley Kirk15411-258

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