Adams claims lead in MODUS Online Live League after perfect day |

Adams claims lead in MODUS Online Live League after perfect day

Martin Adams has claimed the lead in the MODUS Online Live League after a flawless day on Day Two of Week Four.

Adams defeated Shaun McDonald (4-3), Bradley Kirk (4-3), Keelan Kay (4-0), Jamie Lewis (4-2) and Matthew Dennant (4-1).

This saw him ahead today of Jamie Lewis and Shaun McDonald who both accrued six points through three wins and two defeats.

While he leads Jamie Lewis on overall by two points after seven wins and three defeats successfully so far compared to six and four for 'Fireball'.

Keelan Kay having a poor day after his opening day win sees him down at fifth place ahead of Bradley Kirk.

Unlike the first edition of the MODUS Online Live League in 2020, the game will not be played online via a webcam, but at a location in Southampton, England. The matches can be followed via the Online Darts YouTube channel.

Schedule MODUS Online Live League (Week 4)

Tuesday April 6

Matthew Dennant 4-3 Keelan Kay

Bradley Kirk 0-4 Jamie Lewis

Martin Adams 4-3 Shaun McDonald

Jamie Lewis 4-1 Matthew Dennant

Keelan Kay 3-4 Shaun McDonald

Bradley Kirk 3-4 Martin Adams

Shaun McDonald 4-1 Jamie Lewis

Matthew Dennant 0-4 Bradley Kirk

Martin Adams 4-0 Keelan Kay

Matthew Dennant 4-1 Shaun McDonald

Jamie Lewis 2-4 Martin Adams

Bradley Kirk 4-3 Keelan Kay

Martin Adams 4-1 Matthew Dennant

Shaun McDonald 4-3 Bradley Kirk

Keelan Kay 2-4 Jamie Lewis

Standings after Day Two

#NamePlayedWinsLossesLeg +/-Points
1Martin Adams1073+814
2Jamie Lewis1064+1012
3Shaun McDonald1064+612
4Matthew Dennant1055-110
5Keelan Kay1046-58
6Bradley Kirk1028-184

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