Anderson gives injury update: "I don't want to try anything now, I will struggle through"

Gary Anderson came from 4-1 down to see off Keegan Brown with a 6-4 win on the opening day at the Players Championship Finals.

Anderson of course has been visibly in pain with a knee injury and gave an update ahead of a busy period including the World Championship.

"Worst case scenario I'm going home, it's kind of like that now. I thought I'd try to pinch a couple of legs and make it a look a bit more interesting," said Anderson post-match.

"I kind of wrote this year off a long time ago. I just want next year to start, start at the bottom again and then hopefully give it a good push get myself sorted out."

"I've got a few weeks ago, I'm plodding on. The way I look at it, we'll try and get it sorted but I don't want to try anything now especially before the World's. I will struggle through."

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