Edgar discusses potential changes to Premier League format

Matthew Edgar has been completing a series where he discusses potential changes he would make to the PDC calendar and events.

In his latest video, it is the Premier League that was discussed with a potential Championship format mooted.

"Maybe on the afternoon of the Premier League on PDC.TV, there should be a secondary ten line-up player field where the top two qualify to guarantee their place in next year's Premier League. You've got the top four guaranteed, you've got two qualifiers from the Championship which will be played in the afternoon and then there will be four spots open for the best performers throughout the year in terms of wildcards,"

"I think that would be a good addition to the Premier League and have a kind of promotion and relegation sort of thing. If you get relegated from the Premier League, you are guaranteed entry to the Championship the year after."

"But you are ineligible to take a Wildcard place. Now this could backfire in some sense that you could get lets say Peter Wright goes and gets relegated from the Premier League but he goes and wins the World Championship. You could be in a situation where you get the World Champion not taking part in the Premier League."

"However, if you get relegated from the Premier League there should be a consequence."

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