Edgar gives valuable tips ahead of 2021 PDC Q-School

Matthew Edgar is a player who knows what it takes to get through PDC Q-School on multiple occasions and ahead of the action starting next month in Milton Keynes and Niedernhausen, he has given his top tips.

"Only go when you feel you are ready. Don't let beating a Computer Bot at level 10 with this average be something you feel that makes you ready. Don't set in your mind going right when I regularly hit an 88 average. I'm going to go to Q-School. Go when you feel you are ready, Q-School has physical and mental demands as well as the technical demands," said Edgar.

Commitment to PDC Tour

He also discussed being able to commit to a PDC Tour Card and only go when you feel you can as opposed to winning a Tour Card and losing the battle already when you can't play in half of the events.

"Go when you can commit. You are going to Q-School to win a PDC Tour Card. That is the only thing you can win from Q-School, that should be the only reason you are going to Q-School."

"When you can commit to the full demands of the tour, that is the point when you should then think right I've got the ability, I can commit to the tour. I'm going to go and do it because if you go to Q-School and you get through but then you can't make half the Tour events, you're not going to make that progress."

Financial aspect

Edgar also touched on the rewards of a Tour Card: "Don't think that there's a massive pot of gold waiting at the end of Q-School, you're not going to walk out of Q-School with your mythical Tour Card and there's going to be sponsors lined up outside waiting to sign you. It doesn't work that way."

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