Kurz confirms World Championship return after winning German Super League

Nico Kurz is set for a return to the PDC World Championship at the end of the year after winning the German Super League on Sunday.

It has seen some of the best German players compete initially in group stages before a playoff took place between the top four players from each group. Played down to the final, the winner in this case Kurz claimed a World Championship spot.

The 23-year-old defeated Kevin Münch (8-5), favourite Gabriel Clemens (9-7) and Dragutin Horvat (10-9) en route.

Horvat got one shot at the title in the final. However, he missed the double 12 for a 141 finish in the final leg. Then Kurz hit double 2 to claim it.

Kurz is well known to many for his exploits at the last World Championship where he defeated James Wilson and Joe Cullen in a breakout run.

Results German Super League play-offs

Sunday June 14
Quarter Finals

Gabriel Clemens 8-1 Manfred Bilderl
Nico Kurz 8-5 Kevin Münch
Steffen Siepmann 6-8 Dragutin Horvat
Daniel Klose 4-8 Michael Unterbuchner

Semi finals

Gabriel Clemens 7-9 Nico Kurz
Dragutin Horvat 9-3 Michael Unterbuchner


Nico Kurz 10-9 Dragutin Horvat

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