PDC Home Tour III set to begin on Monday

A third iteration of PDC Home Tour III is set to begin on Monday October 26 with another 19 days of action set to run until December 11.

Nathan Aspinall and this past week Luke Humphries have been the overall winners so far on the PDC Home Tour and 42 players will take to the oche to compete in the third iteration.

It will be a bit different though this time around with each player participating in three groups, these combined results form part of a league table and the top seven will move through to the Championship Group.

Beginning On Monday, it will see the current champion Humphries headlining Group One, alongside Barrie Bates, James Wilson, Andy Boulton, Adam Hunt, William Borland and Jonathan Worsley.

Group Two on Tuesday is headlined by top 32 star Chris Dobey, Women's Series winner Lisa Ashton and Development Tour champion Ryan Meikle with Daniel Larsson, Marko Kantele, Krzysztof Kciuk and David Pallett also involved.

Wednesday's Group Three then includes Steve Beaton alongside PDC Ranking winners in Mickey Mansell, Joe Murnan and Alan Tabern as well as Richard North, Nathan Derry and Gary Blades.

Group One - Monday October 26

Luke Humphries v Barrie Bates
James Wilson v Andy Boulton
Jonathan Worsley v William Borland
Adam Hunt v Luke Humphries
Barrie Bates v Jonathan Worsley
William Borland v James Wilson
Andy Boulton v Adam Hunt
Jonathan Worsley v Luke Humphries
James Wilson v Barrie Bates
Andy Boulton v William Borland
Adam Hunt v Jonathan Worsley
Luke Humphries v James Wilson
Barrie Bates v Andy Boulton
William Borland v Adam Hunt
James Wilson v Jonathan Worsley
Andy Boulton v Luke Humphries
William Borland v Barrie Bates
Adam Hunt v James Wilson
Jonathan Worsley v Andy Boulton
Luke Humphries v William Borland
Barrie Bates v Adam Hunt

Group Two - Tuesday October 27

Marko Kantele v Daniel Larsson
David Pallett v Ryan Meikle
Lisa Ashton v Krzysztof Kciuk
Chris Dobey v Marko Kantele
Daniel Larsson v Lisa Ashton
Krzysztof Kciuk v David Pallett
Ryan Meikle v Chris Dobey
Lisa Ashton v Marko Kantele
David Pallett v Daniel Larsson
Ryan Meikle v Krzysztof Kciuk
Chris Dobey v Lisa Ashton
Marko Kantele v David Pallett
Daniel Larsson v Ryan Meikle
Krzysztof Kciuk v Chris Dobey
David Pallett v Lisa Ashton
Ryan Meikle v Marko Kantele
Krzysztof Kciuk v Daniel Larsson
Chris Dobey v David Pallett
Lisa Ashton v Ryan Meikle
Marko Kantele v Krzysztof Kciuk
Daniel Larsson v Chris Dobey

Group Three - Wednesday October 28

Nathan Derry v Gary Blades
Alan Tabern v Mickey Mansell
Steve Beaton v Richard North
Joe Murnan v Nathan Derry
Gary Blades v Steve Beaton
Richard North v Alan Tabern
Mickey Mansell v Joe Murnan
Steve Beaton v Nathan Derry
Alan Tabern v Gary Blades
Mickey Mansell v Richard North
Joe Murnan v Steve Beaton
Nathan Derry v Alan Tabern
Gary Blades v Mickey Mansell
Richard North v Joe Murnan
Alan Tabern v Steve Beaton
Mickey Mansell v Nathan Derry
Richard North v Gary Blades
Joe Murnan v Alan Tabern
Steve Beaton v Mickey Mansell
Nathan Derry v Richard North
Gary Blades v Joe Murnan

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