Van Gerwen looking forward to being involved in Drive-In Darts Gala: "If we like it, we might do it more often"

Michael van Gerwen is one of the top players involved on June 24 in the unique Drive-In Darts Gala which takes place in Hannover, Germany.

Those paying for a ticket will be able to watch the exhibition from their cars. Large-scale events are currently not allowed due to Coronavirus but this unique idea has been devised to enable social distancing and darts still to take place albeit from their cars.

As well as Van Gerwen, Raymond van Barneveld, Devon Petersen and Max Hopp will be involved in the event and he is looking forward to it after declining previously to play in online tournaments.

"I understand that there is room for a thousand cars. That will be a strange sight from the stage, but I think it is a nice initiative. They consider this an experiment. They have already done a concert. If we like it, we might do it more often,'' Van Gerwen told Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad.

There are still lots of questions when it comes to this event such as if it rains, but for MVG this isn't an issue: "It wouldn't be nice if it rains. But even if it does, we will just throw. We accepted this job so we deliver. You can hardly send those thousand cars home. We've been playing an outdoor tournament in Dubai for a few years, but the weather was always good there. ”

There is also a special VIP package for fans where they can even have their car washed by one of the players involved: "That's a nice joke to persuade people to buy those tickets. They are at the very front and can also be photographed with us. From a distance, of course, because we have to adhere to the rules regarding Coronavirus."

Van Gerwen looking forward to being involved in Drive-In Darts Gala:
Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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