"Very nice that someone like Vincent says something like that" - Wessel Nijman and Niels Zonneveld receive accolades from Vincent van der Voort

Wessel Nijman and Niels Zonneveld are two young Dutch talents who have been doing particularly well on the Pro Tour in recent months. And Vincent van der Voort has noticed that, too.

Van der Voort expressed particular praise for both Dutchmen earlier this year. "They are doing extremely well. Potentially they are the best two Dutchmen on the Pro Tour," he said.

"That's very nice to hear, when someone like Vincent says it you almost even start to believe it," Zonneveld laughs to the Double Top podcast. "No, seriously, it's certainly nice that Vincent says something like that. It's always hard to determine yourself. You do always do your best, but there are many other Dutchmen on the Pro Tour."

wessel nijman1
Wessel Nijman won the mutual duel at the UK Open

No extra pressure

Nijman, too, did get set up with Van der Voort's fine words. "But it doesn't create extra pressure," he says. "Both Niels and I are also just too down-to-earth for that I think."

Earlier this year, Nijman and Zonneveld faced each other in the second round of the UK Open. "We've known each other since we were kids and have always gotten along well, even now we constantly hang out with each other before and during tournaments. So you don't make it up that you get drawn against each other at such a big tournament."

"We didn't adjust anything in our preparation for that match and just sat at the table together. But then we don't suddenly start playing mental tricks on each other or anything," Zonneveld said. "No friction arises either, we just come to play darts and both want to win. Afterwards we just act normal to each other, in the evening we also just went to dinner together."

Nijman eventually won the duel between them 6-4, but went down 6-3 against Mike De Decker a round later.

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