Tricole and Ziljstra seal WDF Denmark Open titles and Lakeside qualification

Thibault Tricole and Anca Zijlstra secured titles at the WDF Denmark Open in Esbjerg on Saturday. Both players have confirmed their place at Lakeside in January 2022 as a result of this.

Tricole won the men's tournament after defeating Andreas Harrysson (6-3) in the final. Earlier, the Frenchman had defeated Andy Baetens (4-0) and Brian Raman (5-3), among others.

Among the ladies, Zijlstra came out on top. She eased past Suzanne Smith 4-1 in the semi-final and then defeated Anastasia Dobromyslova (5-2).

WDF Denmark Open


Quarter Finals

Brian Raman (79.94) 4-2 (77.03) Mark Graham

Andy Baetens (85.59) 0-4 (83.50) Thibault Tricole

Neil Duff (78.24) 3-4 (83.29) Aaron Turner

Shaun McDonald (84.69) 3-4 (85.94) Andreas Harrysson


Brian Raman (78.99) 3-5 (77.73) Thibault Tricole

Aaron Turner (78.13) 2-5 (83.21) Andreas Harrysson


Thibault Tricole (88.38) 6-3 (80.03) Andreas Harrysson



Deta Hedman (67.97) 2-4 (72.13) Anastasia Dobromyslova

Suzanne Smith (56.36) 1-4 (69.14) Anca Zijlstra


Anastasia Dobromyslova (65.33) 2-5 (71.17) Anca Zijlstra

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