(VIDEO) Hedman on cheating accusation during Six Nations Cup: "Lowest I've felt in my darting career"

Deta Hedman was the source of cheating accusations through sections of social media during this past weekend's Six Nations Cup in Renfrew where the legendary Heart of Darts was representing England.

During the opening day, Hedman was facing Republic of Ireland's Caroline Breen. Requiring 36, she had gone inside the 18 with her second dart believing it to be in the double and then on the second attempt, it landed narrowly in the single nine and the referee called game shot.

After the incident, Hedman handed the leg to Ireland leaving the final score 5-4 but that didn't stop messages of abuse being sent in a moment she called the 'lowest point' of her career.

She posted: ‘Sadly wasn’t to be and we lost in the final to a very good Republic of Ireland team. Caroline, Katie and Robyn were superb.

‘Friday night was the lowest I’ve felt in my darting career. I saw a video of my match against Caroline and realised my dart wasn’t in the double.

‘I saw comments about I looked at the dart and knew it wasn’t in D9 and cheated, on the previous throw I thought D18 was in and when D9 was called “game” I was laughing to myself for my walkies on previous throw and just took my darts out of the board.

‘Many tears were shed on Friday night and all day Saturday.

‘I would like to thank all those at the venue for support they gave me on Saturday and a special thank you to Caroline Breen who was fantastic to me as were the other players competing in 6 Nations.

‘To those on social media who branded me a cheat, you really don’t know me, to the hundreds of people who sent me messages of support, thank you very much – it means a lot to me .

‘My roomie Lorraine Winstanley and England teammates and officials helped me through this incident, thank you all.’

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