"It's another thing to hold against Wayne Mardle and I've got lots": Part has extra reason for World Seniors Darts Championship charge

John Part prevailed over Co Stompé in a real hard fought battle at the World Seniors Darts Championship, a game that by his own admission he didn't know what to expect given the lack of seeing the Dutchman in action.

"That was the battle against the opponent and against yourself at the same time for both of us. I actually really had no idea what to expect out of Co, the early going I was kind of breezing a bit. He gave me a bit reality that he could actually do stuff. I mean not all the time but he could do it when it counted and things got interesting," he said to Online Darts.

"I was determined to at least have a chance to win and I got it so I'm happy about that and I'm more than happy to play another match and I obviously think I can play a lot better."

Not only did Part play on Friday night but on Thursday night, he was involved in Sky Sports' coverage of the Premier League continuing to rack up air miles which he has done most of his career.

"I might have played better than some of them would have played if they had to go through what I did. I'm 56, it's crazy. I shouldn't be doing all of this. But you know what it's fun and this isn't how old I am. This is about what I've done my whole career in darts, I've always done far more than I ever should have tried to do in a small amount of time.

"You have to be ambitious to do something I think. You have to think you can do it all. If you don't think you can do it all, you won't."

But his title charge also has extra meaning, rubbing it in to his commentary colleague and fellow pundit, Wayne Mardle.

"It's another thing to hold against Wayne Mardle and I've got lots. You can never have enough with him because he's sneaky. He has some blackmail material on me and I don't want it out," he joked.

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