Bennett after losing on BDO World Championship debut to Mitchell: "I loved every minute of it"

Leighton Bennett could not defeat Scott Mitchell on his BDO World Championship debut as he made his first appearance in the tournament as the youngest ever competitor.

Bennett confident as ever spoke about how good it was to play in the match against Mitchell and the mindset he had when he pulled the game back winning his first set.

"It's an awesome feeling obviously, playing on there; playing Scott Mitchell as well one of the legends of the BDO but I loved every minute of it," said Bennett.

"I went in the toilet and splashed water over my face and said that it's not over till the final double goes out. I come back and I won the first set after the break 3-0 and I thought I could be back in here, I thought I got in his head a bit but I didn't score enough after which affected me and I am kicking myself still now."

"At the end of the day, you're playing a top bloke, he's been World Champion so in my eyes, that's the best draw I could have got."

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