Fantasy PDC Home Tour Group 17/20: At least 130 GBP in prizes!

PDC Home Tour 17 will take place on Sunday with John Henderson and Damon Heta the star names. On the other days this week we will see Stephen Bunting, Kim Huybrechts, Glen Durrant, Joe Cullen and Jeffrey de Zwaan among others take to the Oche.

The Fantasy PDC Home Tour Group 17-20 2020 starts on Sunday 3 May 2020 at 20:30 hours CET. You have a budget of 50 million euro to buy 6 darts players of which you think are going to win the most points in the Fantasy PDC Home Tour Group 17-20 2020.

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The darts players will earn points for your team in the group stage for every leg they win. A darts player can earn a maximum of 5 points per game for your team.

The game will cost £4.35 per team and will start with a guaranteed amount of £130 in prizes. The first prize will be £41 (5 GC prizes).

Fantasy PDC Home Tour Group 17/20: At least 130 GBP in prizes!

Values Players PDC Home Tour:

1 Durrant, Glen 10 mln.
2 Zwaan, Jeffrey de 9.4 mln.
3 Bunting, Stephen 9.3 mln.
4 Henderson, John 9.1 mln.
5 Cullen, Joe 8.9 mln.
6 Huybrechts, Kim 8.8 mln.
7 Heta, Damon 8.6 mln.
8 Pipe, Justin 8.1 mln.
9 Kciuk, Krzysztof 7.9 mln.
10 Kuivenhoven, Maik 7.8 mln.
11 Derry, Nathan 7.2 mln.
12 Blades, Gary 7.1 mln.
13 Meer, Vincent van der 7 mln.
14 Murray, Ryan 6.9 mln.
15 Michael, John 6.8 mln.
16 Leitinger, Harald 6.6 mln.

Group A
Scotland Henderson, John
Australia Heta, Damon
Poland Kciuk, Krzysztof
England Blades, Gary

Group B
England Bunting, Stephen
Belgium Huybrechts, Kim
England Derry, Nathan
Austria Leitinger, Harald

Group C
England Durrant, Glen
England Pipe, Justin
Netherlands Kuivenhoven, Maik
Netherlands Meer, Vincent van der

Group D
Netherlands Zwaan, Jeffrey de
England Cullen, Joe
Scotland Murray, Ryan
Greece Michael, John

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