Littler continues darting rise with two more titles on JDC Tour

Luke Littler once again made his mark on the JDC Tour this past weekend with the 15-year-old winning 2/4 tournaments on the Advanced Tour.

Littler won the fifth event of the season on Saturday beating Kieran Thompson 6-4 in the final. On Sunday, he took the eighth tournament at the expense of Thomas Banks.

As well, he averaged 111 and 110 over the weekend in certain games showing the talents of the Warrington ace.

Banks did manage to win the sixth tournament. He beat Riley Rees-Tucker in that final. The seventh tournament was won by Henry Coates, who dealt with Dutchman Tinus van Tiel.

JDC Advanced Tour 5


Kieran Thompson (76.41) 5-3 (63.56) Lewis Bell

Luke Littler (92.73) 5-2 (80.58) Henry Coates


Luke Littler (94.94) 6-4 (79.65) Kieran Thompson

JDC Advanced Tour 6


Thomas Banks (86.28) 5-4 (89.18) Leighton Bennett

Riley Rees-Tucker (80.70) 5-3 (78.24) Adam Dee


Thomas Banks (86.07) 6-3 (82.90) Riley Rees-Tucker

JDC Advanced Tour 7


Tinus van Tiel (69.50) 5-2 (74.69) Connor Hopkins

Henry Coates (96.35) 5-0 (83.72) Jenson Walker


Henry Coates (81.98) 6-0 (65.94) Tinus van Tiel

JDC Advanced Tour 8


Luke Littler (97.63) 5-2 (89.03) Leighton Bennett

Thomas Banks (81.51) 5-3 (79.32) Riley Rees-Tucker


Luke Littler (97.22) 6-2 (84.13) Thomas Banks

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