Bennett and Littler among winners in opening JDC Tour events

The JDC Advanced Tour resumed this past weekend and so did the dominance in part of Leighton Bennett and Luke Littler with the duo both claiming events.

It was both in the final of the opening event which Littler slimly took 6-5. While in Event 2, Bennett averaged 91 in seeing off Riley Rees-Tucker in the final.

It was Rees-Tucker who took Event Three with neither Bennett or Littler getting to the latter stages but in Event Four, it was Henry Coates winning albeit seeing off Bennett.

JDC Tour 1


Luke Littler (89.19) 5-1 (89.00) Harry Gregory

Leighton Bennett (87.38) 5-0 (73.11) Dylan van Lierop


Luke Littler (82.58) 6-5 (83.56) Leighton Bennett

JDC Tour 2


Leighton Bennett (86.51) 5-2 (81.05) Henry Coates

Riley Rees-Tucker (87.43) 5-2 (80.32) Peter Stewart Jnr.


Leighton Bennett (91.80) 6-2 (88.15) Riley Rees-Tucker

JDC Tour 3


Jenson Walker (75.62) 5-4 (74.12) Kovacs Almos

Riley Rees-Tucker (92.04) 5-4 (81.67) Henry Coates


Riley Rees-Tucker (75.32) 6-3 (72.07) Jenson Walker

JDC Tour 4


Henry Coates (79.49) 5-2 (73.96) Archie Self

Leighton Bennett (88.66) 5-2 (84.48) Luke Littler


Henry Coates (86.79) 6-5 (86.12) Leighton Bennett

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