Schedule Tuesday session second week of Online Darts League (Phase Six) including Burnett and Osborne

On Tuesday, the second week of play in the Online Darts Live League (Phase 6) continues. The first group consists of Scott Marsh, Chris Gilliland, Colin Osborne, Jarred Cole, Connor Scutt and Richie Burnett.

Each player will play once a day until Wednesday against the other players in the group. The winner of this group will advance directly to Saturday's final group.

The numbers two and three in the rankings will play a new group on Thursday night and Friday night against three new players. These are Chas Barstow, Ryan Furness and Martin Thomas.

The numbers five and six of the standings on Wednesday, also play a new group against new players. In this pool, Scott Walters, Kurt Parry and Adam Smith-Neale are the entrants. They come into action on Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon. From the evening group, three players go to the final group and from the morning group two, so the final group consists of six players.

Unlike the first edition of the Modus League in 2020, the games will not be played online via a webcam connection, but at a location in Southampton, England. The matches can be followed via the YouTube channel of Online Darts.

Schedule MODUS Online Live League (Phase 6, Week 2)

Tuesday, November 9 (from 9:30)

Scott Marsh v Chris Gilliland

Colin Osborne v Jarred Cole

Connor Scutt v Richie Burnett

Jarred Cole v Scott Marsh

Chris Gilliland v Richie Burnett

Colin Osborne v Connor Scutt

Richie Burnett v Jarred Cole

Scott Marsh v Colin Osborne

Connor Scutt v Chris Gilliland

Scott Marsh v Richie Burnett

Jarred Cole v Connor Scutt

Colin Osborne v Chris Gilliland

Connor Scutt v Scott Marsh

Richie Burnett v Colin Osborne

Chris Gilliland v Jarred Cole

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