Phil Taylor on opportunities presented by MODUS Super Series: "I wish I was starting again I really do"

The MODUS Super Series is the new revamped format from the prior iterations of the Live League and is in a new purpose built studio specifically for the tournament.

16x World Champion, Phil Taylor was involved on the opening night as they launched as a pundit and lauded praise on the format and the new venue.

"When you think it was a derelict church and they've hired it for five years and they've done all this work, it's absolutely fantastic. They've put a lot of effort into it and it's why I think it's going to be really successful," said Taylor.

Having played in initial iterations of the MODUS tournaments, it wasn't ever a format that Taylor thought would be taken to this level and that he wishes he was starting again.

"Never in a million years, what Jason has done and the lads is absolutely brilliant. For semi-pro players to earn themselves a few quid when everything's going up, gas bills and electric bills. This is when they can earn a good living for themselves and their families. They have to put the effort in, it's hard work. I wish I was starting again I really do, this is a great opportunity."

"They've got paid £250 to play so that's money to practice and if they do well on the night and they win the weekend, they can win £5,000. That puts them through to the final and on the 13th week, they can win another £20,000. Where can anybody do that this day and age?"

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