Wenig eases through to Finals Night from MODUS Super Series Week 10 Group A

Lukas Wenig continued his success of the last two days at the Modus Super Series on Wednesday. He won group A and is therefore qualified for the final session on Saturday.

Wenig defeated Thibault Tricole, Scott Baker, Davy Proosten and his compatriot Franz Roetzsch to win four of five matches to be played. Only defeat came against Gavin Carlin where he lost 4-1. With six points more than the runner-up, the German proved that he definitely deserves this first place in the table.

But for the places two to six in the table the tournament is not over yet, so that also Röetzsch still has the possibility to qualify for the final session.

These five remaining players will now be divided into two groups, which will be completed by Mike Gillet, Josh Payne, Steve Haggerty, Nial Culleton, Dave Prins and Mike Warburton.

Roetzsch, Tricole and Proosten will play in Group C, in sessions starting at 10:30 a.m. Thursday and Friday. In the evening sessions starting at 11 p.m., Baker and Carlin will play in Group B.

The top two players in each of these Groups B and C will also qualify for the finals session.

Results Matchday 3 of Modus Super Series Week 10

Franz Rötzsch 0-4 Lukas Wenig

Scott Baker 4-0 Gavin Carlin

Thibault Tricole 2-4 Davy Proosten

Lukas Wenig 4-1 Scott Baker

Davy Proosten 2-4 Franz Rötzsch

Gavin Carlin 4-1 Thibault Tricole

Lukas Wenig 4-3 Davy Proosten

Scott Baker 4-0 Thibault Tricole

Franz Rötzsch 2-4 Gavin Carlin

Davy Proosten 2-4 Scott Baker

Gavin Carlin 4-1 Lukas Wenig

Thibault Tricole 4-1 Franz Rötzsch

Gavin Carlin 1-4 Davy Proosten

Franz Rötzsch 4-2 Scott Baker

Lukas Wenig 4-3 Thibault Tricole

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