Boss of PDC Europe severely criticizes Olympic system for unequal distribution of money

At a press conference in Germany, a darts official has heavily criticized the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Olympics.

The darts community is growing. The sport is becoming more professional and can be seen on television in more and more countries. The historically regarded pub sport has not yet made it to the Olympics. And according to darts official Werner von Moltke (53), neither should it.

The founder and director of PDC Europe strongly criticizes the current Olympic system. "The classic Olympic sports are the losers of the last 30 or 40 years. Canoeists, judokas and other athletes have sacrificed their whole lives for nothing. Some have become Olympic champions, but apart from that they have sacrificed everything and have had zero say in their success."

Von Moltke particularly criticizes the unequal distribution of money for athletes in smaller sports, who are not fairly rewarded for their successes. "If you look at the highest-earning athletes on the Forbes list; there is no athlete on it, no swimmer, no gymnast." According to Von Moltke, substantial money can only be made in privately organized sports such as football, Formula 1 and golf.

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