Dimitri Van den Bergh or Mike De Decker, who is Kim Huybrechts' favorite teammate? "Definitely Dimitri, with Mike you hardly have any social contact"

The Belgian duo at the World Cup of Darts in recent years has invariably consisted of Dimitri Van den Bergh and Kim Huybrechts.

At the past World Cup of Darts, however, there was a serious issue between Van den Bergh and Huybrechts. During their first match against Finland, both Belgians did not give each other a glance, in the remainder of the tournament they did talk to each other again.

Huybrechts was asked in the podcast "Double Top" who he prefers as a teammate at the World Cup of Darts: Van den Bergh or Mike De Decker. "Then I definitely choose Dimitri," Huybrechts said firmly. "Dimitri is also just better than Mike."

"Besides, I also have a better click with Dimitri," Huybrechts continued. "Mike is always very much on his own, you have little contact with him and at a tournament he also has no fixed place or no group where he really belongs. Then with Dimitri you have much more social contact at such a tournament."

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