"If I compare myself in terms of talent to other Belgians I'm just better" - Kim Huybrechts names himself his country's greatest ever player

Who is the best Belgian dart player of all time? A difficult discussion, but for Kim Huybrechts it is already clear.

Huybrechts was asked the question in the podcast "Double Top. "I think I am the best Belgian darter of all time," 'The Hurricane' said firmly. "In a difficult period I worked my way up to a top-10 player. The level then was also particularly high and I was even invited to the Premier League Darts twice."

"Besides, I was also dominant on the Belgian circuit the years before," Huybrechts continued. "If I compare myself in terms of talent to other Belgians I'm just better, but with me the head doesn't always want to come along."

Huybrechts is also referring to the difficult years he experienced after the death of both his parents. "That's a huge backpack you take with you for the rest of your life. Dimitri Van den Bergh and Mike De Decker fortunately haven't had to go through things like that yet, but they will one day and only then can you see how much influence this has on someone's career."

Matthias De Vlieger, commentator for VTM 2, threw another name into the debate over who is now the best Belgian dart player of all time. "I recently spoke with the wife and daughter of Leo Laurens and feels that that name is mentioned far too little," he said. "I understand that name somewhere, says Huybrechts, although I was a little too young to have consciously experienced his career."

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