Dobey, Aspinall, Durrant and Boulton into Behind Closed Doors League play-offs

Chris Dobey, Nathan Aspinall, Glen Durrant and Andy Boulton will compete for the title in the Behind Closed Doors League on Thursday evening.

The two-day league consists of eight players with everyone facing off on Monday and Tuesday. The top four remained unchanged after Monday but the order changed.

Dobey took the lead in the league from Durrant who dropped to third place after a defeat to 'Hollywood' in their Newcastle-Middlesbrough battle. The latter also drew against Aspinall.

For Aspinall he defeated both Richard North and Adam Hunt to finish second; with Andy Boulton making up the rest of the field.


Round 5

Michael Smith (97.3) 4-7 (101.5) Andy Boulton
Glen Durrant (102.9) 6-6 (103.6) Nathan Aspinall
Chris Dobey (91.7) 7-2 (88.6) Adam Hunt
Ryan Joyce (89.6) 7-4 (80.8) Richard North

Round 6

Michael Smith (93.8) 7-2 (89.1) Adam Hunt
Glen Durrant (96.7) 3-7 (96.7) Chris Dobey
Nathan Aspinall (101.1) 7-4 (94.5) Richard North
Andy Boulton (91.0) 7-1 (77.8) Ryan Joyce

Round 7

Adam Hunt (90.5) 5-7 (91.0) Nathan Aspinall
Richard North (86.9) 7-5 (89.4) Andy Boulton
Michael Smith (96.1) 6-6 (93.2) Chris Dobey
Ryan Joyce (97.4) 5-7 (97.4) Glen Durrant

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