Durrant wins 'Behind Closed Doors League' after seeing off Aspinall and Boulton

The first iteration of the Behind Closed Doors League has been completed with Glen Durrant claiming victory after wins over Nathan Aspinall and Andy Boulton.

Durrant in his first match was part of a brilliant match with Aspinall. 'Duzza' hit a 103 average, while it was 102 for 'The Asp'. The former produced a 14-darter in the decider after Aspinall had hit a 122 checkout to break Durrant's throw with the three time Lakeside champion sat on double 20.

Similarly for Boulton, he produced a shock of sorts seeing off Chris Dobey also in a last-leg decider 8-7 with a 101 average to set up the tie with the Teesside ace. The final though wasn't as close with Durrant claiming it 9-2 to win the first Behind Closed Doors League.

A second iteration with new players has been announced by North East Darts, who ran the tournament as preparation continues for the PDC Summer Series in a few short weeks.


Andy Boulton (101.4) 8-7 (96.5) Chris Dobey
Glen Durrant (103.2) 8-7 (102.1) Nathan Aspinall


Glen Durrant (98.4) 9-2 (92.5) Andy Boulton

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