Highest averages from 2022 PDC Q-School

Richie Parkin hit the highest average of the entire tournament at PDC Q-School this past week with an effort of 113.86 during the first phase.

Besides Parkin, there were two other people who recorded an average of over 110. Leonard Gates averaged 113.24, while Richie Burnett hit 112.16.

The next three averages on the list were also thrown in Milton Keynes. Mickey Mansell (108.72), Matthew Dennant (106.49) and Matthew Edgar (106.35) are fourth, fifth and sixth on the list.

Jimmy Hendriks provided the highest average during the European Q-School. With an average of 105.39 Hendriks was the only player with a 105+ average.

Wesley Plaisier (104.86), Jose Justicia (104.86), Jules van Dongen (104.45), Johan Engstrom (104.38), Rowby-John Rodriguez (104.14), Mario Vandenbogaerde (103.47) and Jacques Labre (103.24) were the other European players with an average of over 103.

Top averages - PDC Q-School

113.86 Richie Parkin (UK)

113.24 Leonard Gates (UK)

112.16 Richie Burnett (UK)

108.72 Mickey Mansell (UK)

106.49 Matthew Dennant (UK)

106.35 Matthew Edgar (UK)

105.39 Jimmy Hendriks (EU)

105.17 Adam Mould (UK)

105.08 Mickey Mansell (UK)

104.86 Wesley Plaisier (EU)

104.86 Jose Justicia (EU)

104.45 Jules van Dongen (EU)

104.38 Johan Engstrom (EU)

104.38 John O'Shea (UK)

104.38 David Pallett (UK)

104.38 Robert Thornton (UK)

104.25 Matthew Dennant (UK)

104.17 Scott Taylor (UK)

104.14 Rowby-John Rodriguez (EU)

104.05 Michael Flynn (UK)

104.01 Dan Read (UK)

103.97 Kai Fan Leung (UK)

103.47 Mario Vandenbogaerde (EU)

103.24 Jacques Labre (EU)

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