"I never see the morning" - Night owl Luke Littler on his unique daily routine

Luke Littler has quickly worked his way up to become one of the best players in the world. But many hours at the training board the 17-year-old Englishman does not spend.

Littler likes to stay up until the early hours. "I don't know why but I am always up until, like, 2am or 3am on my Xbox. I wake up at 1pm or 2pm and I do the same every day. I might need to get into a routine of going to bed at a normal time - I never see the morning. I get up, I go on my Xbox," Littler said to the Daily Mail.

"When I get bored of that, I go on the practice board, and when I get bored of that, I go back on my Xbox. I practice for maybe 20 minutes or half an hour just to keep my arm loose. I think a big thing was when we first went into lockdown I was doing four or five hours a day because there was nothing else to do."

Littler doesn't like long workouts. "Because I have my talent I don't really need to do silly hours again. The hard work paid off and I don't need to overdo myself any more."

The aforementioned Xbox is proving to be a real addiction. For example, it was the first thing on his mind after his lost World Championship final against Luke Humphries. "I can't wait to get back on my Xbox," he confessed. "I didn't bring it because I thought I wouldn't make the final."

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